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As an embedded software development company, we at Livyoung Realtech Enterprise help our clients with designing, coding, integrating, optimizing, and testing software for their embedded systems such as microcontrollers and processors of different architectures such as AVR, ARM, PIC, and so on.

Through these services, we offer firmware for individual devices and machines, allowing them to operate automatically or on-demand.

Our professionals are experts in programming languages such as C or C++, Java, and Python as well as skillful in RTOS (Real-time Operating System), Linux, Android, networking and security, etc.  

    Technologies we use

    Being one of the most trusted and reliable embedded software development services providers, we have more than 15 years of experience in assisting our clients with technologies such as:

    Embedded operating systems

    Our team of experts customizes the following embedded operating systems:


    Android Open Source Project

    IoT devices

    Real-time Operating System



    Embedded environments

    Embedded environments signify the processing of operations in real-time. We use the followings:

    Freescale ColdFire board (VxWorks)

    ICOP eBox-4300 ×86 architecture (Windows CE embedded)

    AMD Geode LX800 ETX Module (On Time RTOS-32)

    Development environment

    Here we consider the entire environment that ensures end-to-end support in the whole process. We use

    Wind River Workbench (VxWorks)

    Microsoft Visual Studio and Platform Builder Plug-in (Windows CE embedded)

    Microsoft Visual Studio

    Simulators and prototypes

    Embedded programming languages

    Our programmers offer end-to-end support through their expertise in embedded programming languages such as,






    Wireless & Hardware platforms

    We offer wireless and hardware platforms facility such as,




    IEEE 802.11










    The most popular and significant interfaces that we use are:





    Flash Cards CF/MMC/SD





    SSP/SPI/uWire UARTs


    Embedded Software Development Steps

    Without a clear vision in mind and distinctly defined steps, no progression of work can be ensured.

    Therefore, we guarantee that we communicate our clearly defined steps to you and introduce you to our patterns beforehand:

    Analysis of Client Requirements

    We define the product’s system and non-system needs for the client and convert them into a set of technical specifications that provides a detailed description of the technology stack, budget, and project duration.

    Writing Code

    Embedded system programming code is created in the application/s by our experienced programmers and its proper functionality ensures the smooth running of your business. We take the lead and charge for you!

    Testing and QA

    This guarantees that your business is bug-free and that no compliance problem is there in the created application. Also, it helps to avoid the issues of downtime and rework that often require time and money.


    In this step, the application will be deployed into the real-world operating environment and later integrated with the third-party software solution, and thus you get a comprehensive solution.

    Tech Support

    We don’t leave you after lending the final product. In case of an emergency, operation issues, or need for reconfiguring/upgrading it, our experts/consultants are accessible 24/7/365.

    Why us?

    24/7 accessible.

    Handle every task of your desired embedded software solutions such as architecting, programming, prototyping, and testing.

    Program all necessary hardware solutions such as network equipment, consumer electronics, POS terminals, lab equipment, on-board systems, etc.

    Program all necessary firmware solutions that helps in real-time data logging analysis and automated response.

    Create all necessary middleware solutions to interconnect IT system parts and integrate it with the third-party system.

    Hence proven, we will cover everything and provide you with the best-embedded software development services possible!

    We are just a call apart.

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    We’re just a call away!

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    Hiroto Yamamoto

    Hiroto Yamamoto

    Project Delivery Manager

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    Aashika Gupta

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    Tanya Chua

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    Smith Donna

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    Dave Block,

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    John Doe

    John Doe

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