Expert IPad App Developers

Livyoung Realtech Enterprise has a team of expert iPad app developers that carry the potential of building comprehensive, sophisticated UI and effective code for iPad devices. Our solutions enhance iOS functionality while being spontaneous to end-users.

    Why Livyoung Realtech Enterprise

    Years of experience in end-to-end software development and providing big data consulting services, IoT consultancy services.

    Projects undertaken are largely successful.

    Generally, our IT consultants possess more than ten years of experience in their fields of expertise.

    Onboarded are full-time personnel, including qualified IT consultants, business analysts, technical architects, and quality assurance consultants.

    Data analytics services since long, with extensive experience in big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI)/machine learning, blockchain, and image analysis

    Compliance with AWS Select Consulting Partner, IBM, Oracle Partner, Magento Solution Partner, and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and other Microsoft Gold Competencies.

    A mature quality management system, as evidenced by ISO 9001 accreditation, allows us to deliver projects that exceed our clients' expectations in terms of standard, time, and cost.


    Organizational feasibility

    To measure the level of benefits attained by the business

    To check if the solution adheres to the business’ strategic needs

    To analyze the compatibility between top managers and the project

    Operational feasibility

    To check whether the project suits the demand of your business

    To understand the demand of the company

    To assess the end result of the solution

    To know and fulfil the client's expectation

    Financial feasibility

    To analyze the development cost and cost-benefit

    To check whether the end product is justifying your company’s standard

    Technical software feasibility

    To create a link between the technicality and the process of project development

    To observe the technological shortcomings

    To verify the prominence of research before carrying out any project

    Timeline feasibility

    To define the project milestone

    To ensure work being done on time

    To communicate the repercussions of procrastination


    To abide by the law

    To observe the mechanisms of market

    What You Get with a Feasibility Study

    To offer you a feasibility study report, we examine the market needs, your business’ stated goals, and ongoing business operations.

    For each recommended variant, you will get several defined software solution possibilities with assessed strengths and disadvantages.

    You will get well-supported recommendation for a solution.

    You will get suggested tech stack and architectural design for a chosen solution, with a focus on high performance, usability, dependability, security & compliance, manageability, scalability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

    You will gain a business case that was created for a suggested solution, which included a ROI estimate and a risk analysis.

    You will gain a scenario for high-level project maintenance and implementation for a comprehensive approach to achieving the project's pre-defined targets.

    Software Feasibility Study Report Structure

    As a reference, we are presenting several sections that find space in our software feasibility report. This will help you to understand how comprehensive and convincing our report structure is, and if there is any dearth, you may contact us immediately. Our software feasibility study report includes the following:


    Include an outline of the Software Feasibility Study and suggest changes.


    State the purpose of the Study with precision and clarity. This provides a lot of insights about the future plan as well.


    Cite the areas to be covered and not covered in the Study. Also, justifications will be given as to why certain areas are left unexplained.

    Status quo

    Explain the current state of your client and software product, to check whether any changes are required or integration is possible.


    List out your major and minor requirements of yours with regards to the product. The Study report entails this section to be the most vital.

    Proposed Alternatives

    Mention the proposed alternative for resolving the issue and look for similar solutions available in the market.


    Cite the recommendations particularly given the project’s authors along with the reason, cost and risk involved.


    Explain the positive outcomes after implementing the system. The nature of the benefit could be both tangible and intangible.

    Cost & Time

    State the cost involved in implementing the system, the source of consulting the price, and the time required in the implementation process.

    Definitions, Acronyms & Abbreviations

    Describe the definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations to be associated with the business.

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    The web-based application developed by the team of LIVYOUNG was stunning. They faced several issues while developing this project. But, they overcame them and submitted it on time. The team has all the required skills and ability to solve all the issues and meet the client's expectations. They highlight the safety that they provide their clients with.

    Hiroto Yamamoto

    Hiroto Yamamoto

    Project Delivery Manager

    I had the experience of engaging LIVYOUNG services for one of the custom software which my organization wanted to develop. Good thing is they are based in India as well as Germany which perfectly suited us. For me it was easy to manage locally and the management to have peace of mind since they are German. I visited their offices in Pune and have been pretty satisfied with the clear analysis, timely execution and keeping things under budget. This testimonial is my Thank You note to LIVYOUNG.

    Aashika Gupta

    Aashika Gupta

    Market Research Analyst at Gothman Research Group

    We have been looking for a good app development agency to help us get our mobile app developed in California. We came across LIVYOUNG through one of the popular platforms clutch and we decided to hire them to get robust app solutions for Android and iOS devices. Finally, the dedicated development team has developed a perfect solution in the given timeline. It is exactly the reflection of what we have expected. Very experienced team, I really appreciate their efforts and look forward to work with the next project.

    Tanya Chua

    Tanya Chua

    Magento Developer at CYBAGE SOFTWARE PVT. LTD

    We got best-in-class developers on sharing basis within a few months from Livyoung. That solves our IT staff needs.

    Smith Donna

    Smith Donna

    Monarch Tech solutions

    Found that their pricing was very much transparent compared to another Automation tool system that our office uses. Spent a lot of time questioning the features presented and got fully satisfying answers. Saves tons of time and money.

    Dave Block,

    Dave Block,

    Bloom Lead Gen

    We highly recommend Livyoung Realtech in .NET programming and support. They are highly professional and transparent. Balaji made us understand hidden loopholes in my existing platforms. On the reporting side, we love the ability to create drill-down reports. If you are looking for a great team to handle your .Net application, we certainly recommend them.

    John Doe

    John Doe

    Extra Space Analytics