The Client

The client is a startup, with a niche in the scrap and excess raw material trading domain. The startup required a platform to bring together various companies to begin trading scrap, raw material, or resources, either internally or externally, thereby creating a revenue generation stream out of scrap, excess raw material, or other resources.



Their Business Needs:

  • A very generic solution, which provides companies with an effective means to effectively utilize and monetize their scrap, raw materials, or other resources.
  • Various hierarchy levels possible within organization, similarly various multiple locations are also possible to setup
  • Private posting or public posting of requirements, providing ability to effectively manage the requirements.

Importance of the Project:

India generates a staggering 62 million tonnes of trash annually. Of these 62 million tonnes, 42 million are collected, of which 12 million are cleaned, and 31 million are buried at landfill sites. For the sake of the environment and the rising volume of metal scraps in India, it is crucial that the government of India encourage and allow the establishment of new waste management firms such as the Metal Scrap and Excess Raw materials Trading Business.

Any business that wants to trade in metal scrap and extra raw materials should pay attention to the paperwork and steps listed. This not only lets the right people know what’s going on in the industry, but it also puts manufacturers in a good position to take advantage of any new government programs meant to help businesses with environmental protection and waste management. Apart from the paperwork, establishing an online platform is necessary to reach more and more people globally since consumers, manufacturers, and the industry at large have shifted to an online mode of trading and buying. Especially after the hit of the pandemic, it has become the need of the hour to shift business online. But how do business owners do that? Our client has chosen LivYoung Realtech to solve this problem.

What LivYoung Realtech did for them:

We developed a cloud-based platform which provides a very effective and flexible way to utilize the platform for either scrap or raw materials, or even human resources. This made it possible for the scrap metal industry to trade materials safely online, around the world, through the virtual doors of a secure marketplace. The system involving a set of web and mobile applications has  very solid data collection and mining  abilities. And the sales and distribution management team’s decisions are based on the system’s advanced data analytics.

Benefits of the Project:

  • The client, being startup, had not experienced the various aspects of platform development, by becoming IT partners we empowered the client to concentrate on their core business
  • This increased their edge over the competitors by leaps and bounds
  • Offering subscription based services for various companies for utilization of the platform, by earning royalties on per transactions
  • Accuracy in data collection through internet based and mobile based systems brought a great deal of reliability to their offerings


Technology used : Python (DJango), PostGreSQL, ReactJS, Bootstrap

Due to the signed NDA, we will not be able to share more information about our client. However, if you need any information, feel free to reach out to us.


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January 18, 2022


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