Our Client is a Startup company in France with a great vision of helping people with their health-related issues. They chose LivYoung Realtech Enterprise to design and develop a database for the company to maintain the records, cases and the doctors to come together on one platform.  And to do this, they have plans of coming up with various tools that enable the medical practitioners to help the people better.

Their Business Needs:

  • Community platform specially designed for and suitable for the French speaking doctors ∙ Intuitive doctors search
  • Discussion forums
  • Case by case discussion
  • Typed chats/ Voice calls/ Video calls / Video conference facility

What did we do?

Once our team was involved, we conducted research into the specific needs of the French speaking  doctors, which set them apart from the others. And it came out that they were interested in being a part  of a community that doesn’t only discuss medical problems, solutions and research but also were highly  interested in other things specific to them like sports, travel, fashion etc. The community network was developed based on the needs of the audience and their priorities. The facilities to interact with each other in every possible way were set up. With constant feedback and updates from the client we completed the project development. We developed the product into phases but we covered most of the features in the first phase that were the part of next phases. Our developed product helped the client in receiving many appointments and doctor registrations. We made a long term engagement with the client and enhanced the product based on customer feedback.

Challenges Faced By Us:

The challenges faced during the project development were related to time constraints and the technical implementation of some features, but with the help of our seniors, we managed to overcome them. We created a website, an app (Android and iOS), and a super admin panel complying with the data protection policies that would only store encrypted data in our database. We believe there is a solution for all problems, and our team works with this mindset. Video conferencing platforms are one of our strengths, so our team knows how to fix every problem.


Benefits of the Project:

  • Increased interest from the target audience
  • Better and more avenues of monetization
  • Easier digital marketing
  • 100% online registrations
  • Faster and multi-channel communication making the solution popular

Technology Stack : Python (DJango), PostGreSQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SocketIO, WebRTC


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January 18, 2022


Design and Development