The Client

The client is a startup, with the concept of enabling industry experience people and new entrants’ interaction, to provide live interview experiences to candidates. This is a very nice and unique concept to  bridge the big gap between the recruiter’s expectations and job seekers’ expectations.

Business Needs

Video interviews are a modern and efficient method for conducting job interviews from a distance. Employers and job seekers may connect and communicate in new ways thanks to the virtual platform and remote access it provides. Video interviews are beneficial for both the talent acquisition team and the candidates since they allow for a more thorough understanding of the applicant and a more streamlined recruiting process. Video Interview software is being adopted by a growing number of companies across a variety of sectors in order to enhance the recruitment process and increase access to top talent from around the world. Businesses can save money and time on the hiring process by using a digital solution. This also improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of the organization’s overall talent acquisition.

The client hired LivYoung Realtech Enterprise to build the platform, which provides individuals an opportunity to seek instance feedback on  their knowledge, confidence, and ability to crack the job interview. They needed a platform to enable recording the video session and playing it at a later point in time. They also wanted a software where the video session could be done over low internet connectivity.


Our Solution

We developed a cloud-based platform that provides a very efficient one-to-one video conferencing  platform with recording facilities.

We used technologies that would make it possible for the video sessions to be conducted over a  very low internet connection and provide the ability to record and playback the recorded video

Benefits of the Project

  • The client, being a startup, had not experienced the various aspects of platform development, by becoming IT partners we empowered the client to concentrate on their core business ∙ This increased their edge over the competitors by leaps and bounds.
  • We provided a low cost video conference system, thus lowering the operating cost of the platform at the same time making sure that video quality is not lost.
  • The client could conduct a seamless hiring process. This saved both the candidate and the employer time and money by replacing the traditional face-to-face interview format with an online one.
  • The software used for video interviews is methodical. Each step, from the preliminary review to the final submission of the evaluation, is in sync with the others. Our solution enabled our client systematic hiring.
  • Client could now find potential candidates from all across the world.
  • They could conduct an impartial hiring after using the software we made for them.
  • The platform is now equally beneficial for both the job seeker and the potential employer:


Technology Stack : PHP (Yii2), MySQL, STOMP, ActiveMQ, WebRTC, SocketIO



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January 18, 2022


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