Their Needs:

  • They needed multiple platforms to conduct their stationary business.
  • They wanted to increase their sales
  • They wanted to reach maximum number of customers online

Our Solution:

We came up with a policy for them under which they would have a separate store for each of their  categories and also the brands that they are selling. But the maintenance of all these sites and  management of the data would have become a big headache if we would’ve set up completely  disconnected sites. So, as an answer to this, we developed a multi-store solution which would have a  single admin panel to manage all the sites and the sites would pick their own data as per the rules set up  for them.

We held many  meetings with the customer after analyzing the specification and giving him a first pricing estimate for the project to establish the minimal value product and reduce the scope to what was doable within his budget. To save time, we opted not to create the site from scratch but rather to build off of pre-existing modules and customize them to meet the needs of our customer. This proved challenging, however, because of the substandard quality of the modules provided; in order to fulfill the client’s requirements, we had to modify some of them and improve the quality of others.

Now with this solution and good SEO, their sales have jumped multifold in the last 1 year or so.

Benefits of the Project:

  • Enabled centralized control to the client. They could now oversee and handle data from every store in one place.
  • Unique subdomains to get the best possible results with SEO and organic search.
  • Enabling real-time inventory management. Our solution places all products in a single catalog. Products can then be separated into categories that pertain to specific storefronts.
  • Unlimited URLs and an infinitely expandable product catalog provide the tools a company needs to expand into the global market.
  • Provided the customers an easy and smooth shopping experience, hence increasing traffic and sales.


Technology Stack : PHP (Yii2), MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google APIs


Due to the signed NDA, we cannot disclose the client. However, if you need any information, feel free to contact us.


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January 18, 2022


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