Our Threat Intelligence & Defense System, built for a New York based cyber security firm, made them 400% faster in response time than their competitors in preventing threats

Client’s primary services are threat mitigation and threat response support. However, they wanted to develop their own threat intelligence systems and thus sought a dependable development partner versed in the field. Consequently, we were chosen following three months of evaluation.

We equipped them with a protection system that gave them an advantage over competing cyber security companies.

Their Business Needs:

  • The threats need to be understood using threat intelligence
  • Keep and upgrade the growing database of threats
  • The CIO / concerned team needs to know how to react to an attack or threat
  • Manage the threat mitigation process at each and every stage

Our Solution:

In the first stage of our development and implementation, we created a database of threats and a system to track them. We then constructed an analytics and intelligence system around the database, relieving the client of any responsibility for determining the types of threats that harm their networks.

Finally, we had the system begin actively looking for the mechanism by which to react to any attack or threat that had already occurred on the network. The team would divide up the reaction strategy into manageable chunks and keep tabs on everyone’s progress.

Benefits of the Project:

 As businesses use more digital services connected to the Internet, these services and systems become more and more vulnerable to attacks carried out digitally. As a way to prevent cyber attacks and provide possible countermeasures to such threats, threat modeling methods have been constructed


We could give the client the following:

  • Very fast and automated threat analysis
  • Reduction in manual involvement of the customer teams in threat mitigation
  • Quick and ready remedies
  • Fast response time improved customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds
  • Complete response plan with actionable items
  • Increased customer confidence in services greatly

We cannot reveal more information here because of the signed NDA.

Get in touch with us if you need any further information.


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January 18, 2022


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