We reviewed  and conducted a code audit and implemented numerous technical improvements to the site. By doing extensive user research and making critical alterations to the user experience, we were able to provide them with a website that better accommodates their business and member requirements.



  • Participant Observation
  • User Research
  • Agile Project Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Innovation Strategy
  • Ruby on Rails Support
  • Code Audits
  • Code Updates



Our esteemed client is a group that encourages and assists new and existing business owners. Established in 1993, it has grown to become the largest small business network in the United Kingdom, linking its members to a total of over 70,000 business owners, specialists, and startup founders.


The success of our client relies heavily on its website. New members can sign up there, and current members can use it as their starting point for booking events, reading the latest news, and gaining access to member services.


They  hired a firm to remodel their website, but they soon realized that the agency did not possess the necessary technical or user experience competence to complete the project. They decided to hire LivYoung Realtech Enterprise to save the day and revamp the site’s functionality.







Just like with any of our other rescue efforts, we started with an in-depth code examination. It was so illuminating that we suggested starting again with a brand new codebase. Since our client was expanding rapidly and couldn’t afford to wait for a complete overhaul, we decided to assist them in incrementally bettering the site to meet their needs. We patched up a lot of broken code and took care of some serious technical problems.


After that, we collaborated with our client to enhance the site’s user experience and user journeys to make it more responsive to the requirements of both businesses and individual users. We improved the clarity of ‘calls to action,’ streamlined the sign-up procedure, and expanded member access to useful materials.



We developed an application programming interface (API) to connect our client with third-party services and applications like Eventbrite for event registration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for email marketing, and Stripe for monetary transactions.

Small businesses can access our client’s network of advisors and the services they provide through an online marketplace. We added this feature so that members could submit questions and get answers from the community. Despite the fact that the marketplace is crucial to their operations, it was housed on a different domain. To make things easier for our members, we built a single sign-on system that allows them to access all of our services without having to log in to each one individually.



The initial website was built without any sort of user testing or feedback. After addressing the most urgent problems with the site, we did user research to help our client learn how they could enhance their service, which would lead to an increase in membership and a higher rate of retention.

We analyzed the market by conducting a thorough survey of current and prospective members, conducting in-depth interviews with our client’s participants, and attending their events. We analyzed website analytics data and conducted usability tests to find patterns of use and sites of abandonment.

The offline user experience and the value that people derived from their membership in our client’s website were also major focuses of our investigation. We surveyed and interviewed users to learn what makes them want to sign up for a paid membership, and we looked into which membership perks individuals really utilize and which ones they wish were available. The perspectives of both current and prospective members on pricing were also analyzed. While conducting this analysis, we were able to evaluate our client’s features and functionality in comparison to those of its main rivals.


However, we learned how people used the website and what might be done to optimize the user journey through usability testing and website analytics.


In addition to informing our client’s membership and pricing decisions, our research is guiding our continuing website enhancement priorities.

Due to NDA signed, we can’t reveal our client or give more details here.

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January 18, 2022


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