Learn Sap Abap Programming: A Beginner’s Guide 2022

A person who believes he knows it all ceases to learn then and there! Nothing is going to be enough ever when it comes to seeking knowledge and that too up-to-date knowledge.

Catching pace with time is all a learner can do to outshine in his field of interest. Most learners tend to overlook the demands of the industries.

Hence, losing potential opportunities career-wise. However, one can avoid such situations by fully complying with state-of-the-art education facilities.

Multiple platforms have come into existence since the outburst of internet accessibility. The online space is overflowing with several educational institutes exclaiming world-class education.

Among Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and multiple other programming-based fields, SAP ABAP Programming is leading in business industries. This programming course is the crux of most giant enterprises. SAP ABAP Programming is a worldwide learned and applied field.

Globally, the trend to learn programming-based courses has spiked. In fact, most businesses are dependent on software applications to carry out their operations. In such a scenario, the demand for SAP ABAP developers is high and so is the demand for quality programming education on the same.

Brief Overview

Among several reliable and trusted online educational institutions names, one such name is Udemy. Embedded with several online courses, it is one of the most used platforms by learners.

Today, the Udemy platform has trained thousands of people in different areas of industrial and non-industrial domains.

Udemy and the brilliant courses designed for learners is the escape route towards excellence. One such programming course compiled for budding leaders of business is SAP ABAP. Until the world has business in it, SAP ABAP shall remain too.

A lifetime opportunity for SAP ABAP programming learners to grasp the concepts and applications within a few hours of lectures and practice.

Simplified theories and day-to-day examples help in the quick absorption of topics. An additional benefit of SAP skill enhancement and training for the learners.

In this article, we shall briefly discuss the SAP ABAP programming course offered by Udemy for beginners.

Understanding the need of the program and its practice is equally important. The package comes along with both theoretical concepts and practical approaches.

Brief details on the mentor’s expertise with the course offerings. A complete package for a thorough understanding of the SAP ABAP programming structure from scratch.

A course specially designed for beginners with the usage of simple words and step-wise descriptions.

You can also avail of exciting offers on different courses since Udemy has made learning affordable. Read on to find out more about the SAP ABAP Programming for beginners.


  • What is SAP ABAP?
  • Why SAP ABAP?
  • Who is it for?
  • Course Structure
  • Perks of SAP ABAP Beginner’s course
  • Expert faculty
  • Conclusion

What is SAP ABAP?

It has become quintessential to learn ABAP programming in recent times. Multiple tasks can be executed using this platform.

It is used by developers to develop the R3 platform, a simple language that is easy to use and learn.

An efficient program that helps in developing object-oriented programming. It has helped SAP customers to improve SAP-based applications.

It provides great flexibility to create custom reports and interfaces. Since the ABAP language is easy to learn, it is learned by a high number of programmers.

ABAP is the default programming language for on-demand and on-premise business software developments. Java is used here to run Java-based applications.

ABAP provides high scalability and reliable life-cycle management for the IT industries in huge businesses. Multiple ERP applications such as MM, SD, FICO can be run using the ABAP stack.

Overall, advanced business application programming is a very simple language that is easy to understand and learn. It has made client-server program development possible since the year 1992.

The SAP ABAP programming course for beginners by Udemy offers all the good reasons to learn it. It is an understandable language with simple codes. Used in multiple dimensions due to its dynamic properties. The mentor Peter Moxon is a renowned instructor on the platform.

He holds experience more than a decade in the field of SAP ABAP. He has developed multiple courses for beginners- for both theoretical and practical learnings.

The ratings given to the course are high and positively reviewed by several ex-students. Thousands of students have already outshone themselves.

Now it’s your time to turn the tables. All the students/beginners must enroll themselves in this course to learn something extra (significant) and in-demand.

The career opportunities for SAP ABAP program developers are immense. The future looks bright for them.

Many MNCs seek such programmers for their business growth, and of course, offer high packages to the employees too. It could be the turning point of your career if you learn and apply the knowledge well.

Who is it For?

This course belongs to everyone looking forward to business and industries. The SAP consultants who are at beginner’s level can join this course for pleasing results.

The SAP functional consultants hoping to learn ABAP skills can take this course. The SAP project team members can undoubtedly join this course for bettering their skills and knowledge.

The college-going students wishing to learn extracurricular for boosting the inbuilt business skills must enroll as soon as possible. The SAP BASIS consultants desiring to expand their knowledge base, and SAP BW consultants must learn to program for better results.

Udemy SAP ABAP programming course completion duration is short. Only 13 hours of rigorous study can make beginners efficient in basic programming.

The short videos keep the new learners involved and interested for a longer time. The teaching pattern is unique thereby attracting a huge population of students towards this course. The lifetime access to the course allows the learners to watch and re-watch the videos anywhere at any time.

The certificate of completion guarantees your knowledge of ABAP programming. It is provided to every course student at the end of the program. The steps to obtain the certificate are also provided in a separate document. Many useful resources are available for free download to learn extra.

Overall the course is capable of training naive and beginner learners. It makes the people capable of working with their ABAP programs in an industrial environment. Many learners have already made massive breakthroughs in the industry with their designed programs.

It is all about getting the basic idea and applying it appropriately. High school students, graduates, professionals seeking to develop application designing skills must actively participate in the SAP ABAP coding learning process.

Course Structure

The course structure is marvelous and includes only what is required to learn at the beginner’s stage.

The syllabus for the course is intelligently designed, keeping every individual’s capacity in mind.

Overall, 15 clear-cut sections include 133 lectures, a total of 13 hours and 18 minutes duration. Astonishing isn’t it?

Given below is the breakup of the entire syllabus.

  • The first section is an overview of the SAP system that describes the system architecture and environment for programs. This section also includes a description of obtaining the certificate of completion with the unique verification number to acknowledge every learner uniquely.
  • The next section is on the data dictionary. It describes the relevant topics of the creation of a table, entering data into the table, and lastly viewing the entered data in the table.
  • Another detailed section of six lectures includes topics of program creation, writing the statement, changing statements together, and declaring variables, and constants.
  • A significant section on performing calculations is divided into a total of six lectures. It begins with an explanation of arithmetic addition followed by subtraction, division, multiplication, conversion rules, and finally division variations.
  • Nine video lectures are dedicated to character strings topics. It begins with character strings declaring C and N fields, introduction to character strings and concatenate, Condense, finding the length of a string, replace, search, shift, split, and sub-fields.
  • Another essential topic of debugging programs is included in eight lecture series. It begins with the overview of debugging programs, followed by system variables, table mode, breakpoints, watch-points, and ending the debug session.
  • The next section on working with database tables has been divided into eight lectures. It describes working with database tables and making a copy of the table, foreign keys, append structures, includes structures, key fields, deleting fields, deleting a table, and more.
  • A separate section on working with other data types is provided distinctly through 4 lectures. It begins with the description of date and time fields, date fields in calculations, other data type time figures in calculations, and quantity and currency field in calculations.
  • The next section describes modifying data in a database table using ABAP. An 11 lectures section that includes details on modifying data in a database, table authorizations, fundamentals, database lock objects, using open SQL statements, insert, clear, update, modify, and delete.
  • The section on program flow control and logical expressions have a total of 13 lectures that describes the IF statement, linking logical expressions together, nested IF statements, loops, nested loops, while loops, termination of loops, Loop termination check, and exit.
  • The user selection screen development is defined in a separate section of 17 lectures in total. It begins with the introduction to selection screens, followed by creating selection screens, parameters, select options, select example, additions, text elements, variants, text symbols, text messages, skip lines and underlines, screen comments, formatting line and position, and lastly element blocks.
  • Internal tables are explained in a section of 21 lectures. It begins with the introduction of the internal tables followed by types of internal tables. The best practice guidelines are provided. The methods to create standard and sorted tables are explained well, followed by filling and an internal table with a header line. The topic of move corresponding, filling, and internal table, filling work area, modifying, describe, insert, read, delete, sort records are explained well. The work area differences such as loops, modify, insert, read, delete, delete a table with a header line and internal table delete the table with the work area are explained.
  • A section of 13 lecturers is dedicated to guiding learners on modularizing programs. This section begins with a brief introduction followed by includes, procedures, subroutines, external programs, function modules, and much more.
  • The final two sections of the course are very critical. The first one is the resource file section that has one lecture for one minute and provides source code. The last section is the bonus lecture section including three lectures that emphasize the importance of key fields and foreign keys, the purpose of the ABAP internal table, and the SAP ABAP select option field- LOW and HIGH fields.

A brilliantly designed course structure for a complete understanding of SAP ABAP programming for beginners.

Perks of SAP ABAP Beginner’s course

The SAP ABAP programming for beginners by Udemy has multiple benefits. The course includes several perks and advantages for learners at the beginner’s level.

  • 13 hours of on-demand video: The video lectures are short and to the point. It includes a step-wise description of the programming. Short videos keep the viewers intrigued. The attention span is longer and better. It becomes easy for beginners to grasp the concepts in a short period.
  • Four articles: The course comes along with four descriptive articles on different topics for the readers. The first article is on SAP system access. The second article is on the steps to obtain the course of the certificate of completion. The third article is on search help for the GENDER feeders, and the final one is on the source code.
  • 40 downloadable resources: Not just the quality of lectures is supreme but, the resources are reliable too. More than 40 files and resources are available for download by beginner learners in easy steps. These are additional resources to enhance the grasp and skills on the subject.
  • Full lifetime access: Beginners can enjoy full-time access to the course. Not just the curriculum is affordable but available for free throughout the lifetime. Beginners can watch the videos repeatedly and strengthen their basics. With only one time investment, unlimited rewards can be enjoyed.
  • Accessible on mobile and TV: The content available on the website can be accessed through mobile phones and television. It is simple to log in and view the lectures from any device at any time. Watch at your own pace and learn at your own speed.
  • Certificate of completion: The beginners who accomplish the entire course are eligible to obtain the certificate of completion with a unique identifier number. This number ensures the credibility of the course and identifies individuals as an attendee of the lecture.
  • Affordable and reliable: The prices offered are very low and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Every beginner and learner must enroll in this course to learn ABAP programming at cheap prices and with great quality.
  • Genius Mentorship: The mentor, Peter Moxon, is the head trainer at SAP training HQ and consultant on Udemy. He has a great interest in the subject and explains the topic with perseverance. The instructor ratings are also good and have been reviewed positively by the ex-learners. He has published around seven courses on the platform, is one of the favorite instructors on Udemy.
  • Customize your learning: SAP ABAP Programming for beginners can be subscribed to along with other courses similar to the field. The online training course for SAP ABAP objects is the highest-rated online course. It is frequently subscribed together with the beginner’s course. In fact, buying courses together can offer you exciting discounts.
  • Multi-lingual: The course by default is designed in the English language but the non-English learners should not worry at all. The subtitles are available for multi-national SAP ABAP beginners. The languages for subtitles include- French, Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and English of course. Still, wondering? Do not! Go ahead and grab the limited discount offer.
  • Effective learning: There’s less to worry about and more to enjoy. The short and practical-based video tutorials help in applying the concepts while developing a program. It boosts the confidence in the beginners to start coding their own applications. Within no time, the new learners understand the topics well and start to program software.
  • Collaborations: Udemy is associated with several giant firms and business houses. Most of the course content is based on the latest industrial demands. It can be a great opportunity for the learners to be exposed to the real business world. The global exposure can enhance the learner’s dynamics to understand the programming in SAP.
  • Vision development: More than just developing a business application, learners inculcate the habit of thinking out of the box. Soon after a few lectures, learners begin to think in their own unique style. These thoughts can help in developing better tools and applications for the business world. A new vision develops to think in a different way.

Expert Faculty

The instructor Peter Moxon is the head trainer at SAP training HQ and the number one SAP instructor on Udemy.

With the experience of more than 12 years in SAP, he is a well-suited guy to guide upcoming talents. He has created seven courses on SAP learning.

His teaching style is unique and fresh. Clear-cut instructions on downloading the program environment and program are taught. He uses simple language and instructs step-wise.

The SAP ABAP programming for beginners has been reviewed very positively by the students and the course instructors of the Udemy platform.

According to the featured review by Marek Toman, “Very good introduction into ABAP programming.

I’m satisfied with Peter’s approach and teaching method. The only minus is that he should try to do fewer spelling mistakes during recording, but on the other hand, bug fixing practice is essential anyway”.

The overall course rating is 4.4. More than 12,181 reviews have been written down on the course. 53,464 students have taken this course in the past years, which is quite enormous. An ideal course for beginners who wish to learn SAP ABAP programming.


More than 3000 students are enrolled in SAP ABAP programming for beginner’s video training courses. It is a popular programming language developed by SAP, and used by giant organizations in the business world.

This video training course designed by the instructor Peter Moxon defines the fundamental skills needed to understand SAP ABAP Programming and learn to create ABAP programs.

The instructor has first introduced the topics in simple words and then performs the operations while instructing.

The step-by-step methodologies ensure a clear understanding of the learners. He tells how to create and further modify ABAP code.

The training starts from scratch and covers all the fundamental topics essential for a beginner.

All the key aspects of a BAP program development, new concepts, and language elements are defined with the use of simple language. The topics of building report interfaces and modularizing programs are explained well too.

This excellent course of theories and practical amalgamation gives a clear insight to programming beginners and makes them understand how things work. It has been delivered perfectly by the instructor leaving no stone unturned.

The learners find themselves in a comfortable position. It is easy to learn and grasp the fundamental concepts in no time and start writing your own codes.

An action-packed course that focuses more on practical aspects than routing the theoretical concepts. The practical step-by-step examples make the learner confident in learning to code from the first lecture.

This course is the ultimate guide for real understanding and enterprise software development.

Many other similar courses in the market cost thousands of rupees to enthusiastic learners. However, this curriculum takes a short time and teaches almost every fundamental of SAP ABAP programming.

The expert has experience of 12 years in the field and hence qualifies well for training thousands of students across the world.

Comprehensive and well-versed study package that lets you design your own programs in commercial domains.

Build the in-demand career skills, choose Udemy.

To learn more about the SAP ABAP Beginner’s course click here.

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