Upwork Competitors: The 12 Best Alternatives for Finding Freelancers

A freelance writer is somebody who acquires pay by composing and is paid compensation that changes however the normal is around $67,000/yr.

As a freelancer, you are an independently employed autonomous entrepreneur, answerable for discovering customers who need assistance, selling them on your administrations, finishing the work, and guaranteeing you and your customer end the undertaking fulfilled.

You may see various names for outsourcing like far-off work, work at home, working from home positions, or adaptable positions or gigs.

As a freelancer, you are liable for looking for some kind of employment and monitoring your pay, and documenting your assessments.

The aftereffect of consolidation between Elance and Odesk, Upwork is an open freelancing platform that houses a large number of engineers, authors, planners, supervisors, investigators, interpreters, and different freelancers from everywhere in the world.

It’s anything but an engineer just stage and obliges in excess of 50 classes of occupations going from the information section to visual depiction. It doesn’t have a confirming cycle; henceforth, the onus is on you to assess ability.

The experience is totally adjustable. Private ventures can post a task and afterward filter through qualified up-and-comers. Or then again you can allow Upwork to discover freelancers for you.

On the opposite side, freelancers can peruse projects posted by organizations or post their own predefined projects for organizations to offer on. There are additionally huge loads of classes, including configuration, composing, IT, sales, and accounting.

Upwork likewise has all the correspondence and installment measures among organizations and freelancers directly on the site. For installments, Upwork charges conditional expenses.

This is generally 3% for those recruiting and a sliding scale for freelancers. The more work you get on the site, the less they charge.

Upwork might be the greatest freelancing site in the market, however, there are numerous Upwork contenders out there that can give what you are looking to without as numerous drawbacks.

Regardless of whether you need an alternative site or an in-house cycle to discover and employ content makers, we have got you covered. Listed below 12 freelancing sites that can work as an alternative to Upwork-

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Hubstaff Talent


Toptal is a freelancer platform that associates new companies and organizations with programmers, planners, and business advisors.

It professes to be a selective organization of the top freelance software engineers, architects, and account freelancers. It employs the top 3% of worldwide freelancers.

It is a custom help. Along these lines, organizations can work straightforwardly with the site to build up an arrangement for enrolling and tracking down the best freelancers inside a set financial plan.

It is outstanding amongst other freelance sites for achieved experts and the organizations hoping to enlist them.

Organizations can discover experts from an assortment of ventures, including software development, project directors, and account freelancers. What’s more, you can be certain that you’re finding qualified experts who will convey top-level assistance.

Obviously, not simply anybody can pursue a record on Toptal. You need to qualify first. As a worth-driven commercial center, Toptal depends on an intricate screening measure just a picked not many can pass.

Additionally, rather than searching through the stage searching for designers, you just need to speak with Toptal experts. In view of the standards that fit your prerequisites, they will furnish you with a rundown of fitting nominations themselves.

Nonetheless, the experts who meet all requirements to advertise their administrations on it can undoubtedly interface with organizations that will pay for quality.

This is frequently a take-off from those on customary occupation sheets who are hoping to track down the best arrangement when filling freelance work. Its USP is its thorough screening cycle and the enormous local area.

Its multi-stage vetting process comprises code audits, portfolio surveys, ongoing testing, and an English language expertise test.

Toptal vs. Upwork

In Toptal, freelancers need to step through an examination to recognize the great and the best freelancers. Upwork doesn’t give any tests to freelancers.

Toptal acknowledges the top 3% of programming advancement, creators who apply to work with them. While Upwork acknowledges every freelancer’s ability, making Upwork a huge freelancer website with a tremendous ability pool.


Arc at first began as CodementorX, a tutoring freelancing platform for designers. Commonly, engineers could look for help from the organization for critical thinking, expertise improvement, and so forth Today, it keeps on conveying the tag of a “leading on-demand mentorship platform for developers” however has additionally built up an answer to help organizations enlist independent engineers.

Similar to other premium sites, Arc has a severe verifying cycle that uses appraisal instruments to guarantee quality. It centers around empowering organizations to recruit full-time distant working designers for as long as possible.

Arc segment likewise deals with consistency, finance, and advantages. Arc is very like Toptal in its way to deal with vetting. Indeed, it has an even lower pass rate.

It is a convenient stage on the off chance that you need assistance with obtaining freelance developers. In addition, project workers on the site can help you in selecting full-time representatives.

Arc vs. Upwork

Upwork uses PayPal, which is missing in Arc. Upwork highlights, for example, a no-risk trial period for testing just as ticket and email, however, Arc offers a fourteen-day preliminary for hourly and retainer installment models, along with a three-month hazard-free period for full-time recruits.

In Arc, hourly rates for freelance developers begin from $60 and can go to $200+, on the other hand, in Upwork, rates can go somewhere in the range of $8/hr to more than $100/hr.


Fiverr is extraordinary compared to other independent sites. It was set up in 2010 and turn into a significant rival in the independent occupation market.

Its essential spotlight was on the best way to give quality ventures at reasonable costs of just $5 per project and can even go up to a few great many dollars. Each work is alluded to as a ‘gig’ and installments depend on the number of gigs.

It records the freelancers/sellers in various classifications of specialization and as indicated by their evaluations. The buyers/employers would now be able to browse the rundown of freelancers. It additionally gives the customers/purchasers the data they need to pick the freelancer to recruit.

It gives the business admittance to the freelancer/seller’s portfolio and furthermore the input made by past employers. Here, the installments are made dependent on the number of gigs that a merchant offers to the customer. It orders the freelancers as indicated by their specialization and evaluations from their past managers.

It makes it simple for businesses to look for merchants by taking a gander at their portfolios and the gigs they offer. Also, it gives correspondence channels to their customers that are secure. It gives an in-application channel that permits the customers to connect with the freelancers through messages and even offer records.

Upwork versus Fiverr

The greatest distinction between Upwork and Fiverr is the bidding system. On Fiverr, freelancers upload their cost, and organizations track down the one that accommodates their financial plan. On Upwork, organizations upload their jobs and freelancers upload their offers.

At times, you may get configuration work for less expensive than somewhere else. Nonetheless, don’t anticipate that freelancers should undermine themselves to an extreme; quality freelancers don’t have to get into a bidding war.


Freelancer is a site that resembles Upwork. Furthermore, Freelancer is another freelancing stage that was framed in 2009 and is pointed toward empowering the installments to be made utilizing different neighborhood monetary standards.

This freelancing site offers freelance help and public support to a large number of employers and freelancers in more than 200 nations around the world. The installments in the freelancer stage depend on the achievement finished. It permits businesses or customers to post their activities on their foundation for nothing.

They would then be able to welcome the freelancers to one or the other bid, or they can go through the freelancers’ portfolio and conclude who to give the errand to. The customers can browse the best-specialized bid which implies that they get the freelancers who best fit the set of working responsibilities and not really the one with the least rate.

Here, the site coordinates with the positions posted on it by the customers with the accessible gifts. They limited down the inquiry to make it simple for managers to pick the best freelancers. For the Freelancer stage, the customer can have live talks with the freelancers which empowers them to evaluate the advancement of their undertakings.

The freelancers can send offers to the customers on the activities they consider reasonable for them. It permits the purchasers to go through the enlisted gifts by taking a gander at their abilities and capability or by taking a gander at their profiles. The dealers can send applications to the customers for the positions they are acceptable at.

Freelancer VS Upwork

The two sites share a ton of similarities, their key contrast being the Freelancer contests feature. This extraordinary feature permits customers to begin a free challenge with an award for whoever wins the challenge. Freelancer includes a task the board alternative that is not found on Upwork.

Freelancer has significantly more rivalry in contrast with Upwork, profiting the customers more as they have a more extensive base for ability determination.


FreeeUp is the youngest contender on this freelance marketplace comparison, having been in operation only since 2015. Consequently, and because of selective membership, the freelancer pool on this platform is smaller compared to other sites. Still, FreeeUp boasts thousands of pre-vetted freelancers from all over the world.

This freelance marketplace also has fewer clients, numbering in the thousands as well, but is growing rapidly. In simple terms, it is a marketplace where self-employed contractors can offer their services to customers. The free marketplace vets freelancers for ability, mentality, and correspondence prior to giving them access to the organization.

It furnishes customers with the freelancer and hourly rate; however, the business relationship is at last between the customer and freelancer. This incorporates the degree, work, appraisals, hours, and charging. free at that point goes about as an installment processor for all installments and helps with any questions in regards to billing.

FreeUp vs. Upwork

Like Upwork, FreeUp is not a job board. One of the key contrasts that set FreeUp and Upwork apart is the customer experience. Live help that is centered around your specific issue is actually what you’ll get with FreeUp.

While however, Upwork gives something beyond the essential degree of help, you need to pay for a higher level to benefit from such personalized services. On Upwork, numerous freelancers can apply for a similar venture. However, FreeUp sends you one freelancer at a time for you to assess.


PeoplePerHour is a British freelancing website that basically centers around the European market. What’s really intriguing about PeoplePerHour is the manner by which they joined Upwork and Fiverr proposal inside a solitary stage.

Businesses can present a task on which freelancers apply and the freelancers can offer their administrations as gigs, which are called hourlies (on PeoplePerHour). PeoplePerHour upholds organizations by managing them from the primary second. The objective is that the hirer picks admirably from the extraordinary ability pool of freelancers.

The employing interaction is simple for the two players. Organizations have profiles, input, and all the current data about the up-and-comers readily available. Posting a task is free on PeoplePerHour.

Upwork versus PeoplePerHour

The two stages, Upwork and PeoplePerHour permit the customer to present a task and get offers from freelancers. The two of them give correspondence, installment to the board, and time following, yet PeoplePerHour has a fixed cost held for freelancers that don’t have accounts with Upwork.


Guru is one of the options in contrast to Upwork which has the best impact on the whole web. It’s an enormous stage with a huge number of clients. On one hand, there are businesses with projects that cover all classifications, and on the other, there is a gigantic gathering of capable freelancers.

As a freelancer, you can find a new line of work in the event that you apply and are chosen to take on the venture. Businesses can likewise just search for the freelancers they see that meet the abilities they need and welcome them to cooperate, like Upwork.

How about we see the absolute most noticeable benefits and burdens of Guru.com underneath? It’s not difficult to enlist exceptionally qualified freelancers in practically any class.

Guru acknowledges more payment techniques than some other comparable stages, including wire transfers, e-checks, and in-site money assets, and the sky is the limit from there. The employing interaction is quick and direct. Guru advances long-haul joint efforts with freelancers.

Guru versus Upwork

Guru offers admittance to more than 3 million freelancers from around the world. You can employ experienced freelancers for anything from logo configuration to sound design. By and by, in the event that you need admittance to a more extensive assortment of freelancers and need to turn out accomplished for inexpensively, Upwork is the better choice.

Both of these sites permit the customers to see the independent suppliers’ profiles and rank the freelancer’s as per the input got from past projects. Guru has a global and much better feel with regard to customers and freelancers.

Hubstaff Talent

Established in 2013 to get probably the most grounded stage among Upwork rivalry, Hubstaff helps a wide range of organizations or individual bosses pick prepared and able freelancers from a huge pool.

For the most part, little activities are offered on this site that can be addressed at a fixed cost or hourly. Numbers don’t measure up to those of the biggest independent stages. The quantity of published jobs, contrarily, is just in the lower four figures.

It doesn’t imply that there are no chances to bring in cash on this stage, however, surely, these are not similar conditions as those offered by bigger Upwork contenders.

Hubstaff Talent makes every one of the apparatuses for ideal client assistance accessible, including a live talk. It’s not difficult to screen and view the freelancers’ action reports. The Hubstaff Talent application can be coordinated with other applications.

Hubstaff Talent versus Upwork

Hubstaff Talent and Upwork’s plans of action are extraordinary. Both independent stages offer time trackers, yet for separate purposes. Upwork utilizes the time tracker to profit the customer, while the Hubstaff tracker is for the organization’s advantage.

Hubstaff’s ability is fresher in the market and consequently has a more modest choice of freelancers to bring to the table than Upwork.


YouTeam is a stage for building distant groups of elite engineers. It is a marketplace for recruiting full-time distant designers from confirmed and top reevaluating offices in Eastern Europe and Latin America, known for utilizing top quality nearby ability that can offer a lot of lower rates than those in the US or UK.

YouTeam can assist with getting together and guarantee the work gets in progress surprisingly fast. YouTeam’s talent pool (HackerRank) comprises the best organizations and different instruments that help to vet the abilities of all designers on YouTeam.

YouTeam vs. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers. YouTeam, then again, is a stage for employing top designers and engineers from re-appropriating offices that you will not discover on outsourcing entrances like Upwork.

All organizations in YouTeam’s ability pool need to go through a thorough screening and due ingenuity measure which incorporates the HackerRank vetting concentrated legitimate audit, and so on.

Nonetheless, Upwork is a freelancer site where you effectively need to pick the correct freelancers dependent on recommendations. Freelancers on Upwork generally work on various tasks yet on YouTeam you get relegated full-time devoted assets.


FlexJobs is one of the leading freelance job boards for far-off groups just as other occupation postings, for example, low maintenance, transitory, at-home, and different planned positions. It has been extraordinary assistance for the two employers and selection representatives from both enormous and little organizations with their far-off recruiting.

It charges a little expense each month and each work posted on the stage is cautiously curated, guaranteeing no con artists can post jobs.
FlexJobs is an online marketplace that guarantees a freelancer can do free expertise tests that help them to exhibit their capacities to customers.

It permits you to drop your membership in the event that you are unsatisfied with the assistance. In the event that you need to change your resume or some guidance on your profession, its individuals can take care of one charge and get Career Coaching and Resume Review to furnish work searching abilities.

FlexJobs versus Upwork

FlexJobs is more severe in vetting and curating occupations than Upwork, making it difficult to get misled on FlexJobs. Upwork is free, while FlexJobs charges a little expense each month. The two stages offer managers freelancers with various ranges of abilities.


99 Designs is an organization situated in Melbourne and it gives a freelancer site that associates customers and visual architects from across the globe. 99 Designs permits designers to assemble their portfolio and acquire a pay. Until this point in time, 99 Designs has paid millions to designers and holds the potential for making a payment.

In 99 Designs, designers go up against one another in challenges. 99Designs is perhaps the best stage with regards to configuration work. In the event that you need to work with the best designers on the Internet, this is the spot to go. The best part about this stage is that it permits you to run a plan challenge where every one of the designers on the site can present a design and you can remunerate the one you like the most.

99 Designs versus Upwork

Designers in 99 designs run after winning challenges, without thinking about the customers’ objectives and requirements. 99 Designs is a genuine site and is solid in payments, yet the freelancer’s payment rests exclusively with the customer.

The customer can decrease to make an installment to the freelancer if the challenge was not demonstrated as paid ahead of time. This is not normal for Upwork where the assets for the agreement or achievement are kept and held in trust in Escrow until the work is done, and affirmed.


Credo is renowned for its consideration in checking and ensuing coordination of ability with their employers. Advertisers who have computerized and SEO abilities are added to the stage’s public organization solely after a meeting and they have been truly verified.

Credo is not free, and freelancers are charged a yearly expense. It was framed after the author worked with numerous customers who had gone through terrible encounters with advisors. The site was shaped to help customers discover respectable SEO experts.

Credo ensures all independent experts work inside the given Google rules and discuss expertly with customers. It liaises with offices and freelancers to improve its procedures.

Credo vs. Upwork

Credo takes a more consultative position, with the two organizations and freelancers giving customers and services the same. At the point when Credo draws in customers, it guarantees the customers stick to specific principles that favor freelancers.

It has a yearly expense instead of Upwork, which retains a level of the payments or installments on an hourly or week-after-week premise. Dissimilar to Upwork, Credo’s group helps and aids you through the entire cycle of employing the best SEO, PPC, and computerized advertisers for your work.

It will coordinate with you with handpicked digital marketing suppliers from their selective organization, based on your undertaking needs. Credo is free for organizations to use to be coordinated with the privileged pre-confirmed suppliers.

Upwork offers you admittance to freelancers with abilities of various types including Digital Marketing and Sales. Nonetheless, in the event that you need to work with all freelancers in a single spot or need to complete some work inexpensively, Upwork is the most ideal choice.

To conclude, it is stated that alternatives are essential for you to understand that relying on one single site may lead you to miss millions of other helpful sites that may serve your purpose better than the one you have chosen. The list provided above contains the 12 freelancing sites as an alternative to Upwork.

A comparison of each site with Upwork is done to mark the important points to consider before deciding on a freelancing site for your company.

Hope you find the article substantial!

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